COST Academy is organizing two webinars on the topics of Intellectual Property (IP) and Standardisation. The topics are closely related and relevant to the work of many COST Actions. The webinars are therefore organised with the specific target group of COST Action participants in mind, and will be delivered by the European IP Helpdesk and CEN and CENELEC. Tthe level of both webinars will be introductory. Please note that it is possible to register for one or both webinars.  

  1. COST Academy webinar on Intellectual Property (IP) for COST Actions (by the European IP Helpdesk): 24 November 2020, 10:30-11:30 (CET)   

The webinar will offer an introduction to Intellectual Property (IP); what it is and what are the intellectual property rights (IPR). It will also give an overview of why you should deal with IP, what are the first steps and tools for IP protection and searches and where to get help with your IP issues. During the webinar the European IP Helpdesk Trainer will also explain about the cost of IP titles, counterfeiting and how to enforce IPR.

  1. COST Academy webinar on standardisation for COST Actions (by CEN-CENELEC): 3 December 2020, 10.30-11.30 (CET)

The webinar will offer an introduction to the European Standardisation system and an overview of activities to bring research and standardisation closer together. Colleagues from CEN-CENELEC will also explain how standardisation creates a foundational framework for innovative and impactful solutions to support the implementation of EU Research and Innovation programmes. A bonus feature of this event will be a testimonial from the winner of the ‘Standards and Innovation’ award 2020.    Standardsweb1020 You are encouraged to share the information, registration link and password below, with your Action participants who are working with IP and standardisation topics. Please note that the registrations will be done on first come, first served principle and registrations will close once the webinar is full. The webinar will be recorded and available for viewing after the event. Once registered, you will get an email closer to the webinars with a link and instructions on how to join the webinar. If you haven’t received the email one day before the webinar, please contact us at