Action Chair: Prof M. Carmen GALAN

Action Vice Chair: Prof Cristina NATIVI

  • WG 1 – Innovative glyconanomaterials for biomedical prognostic and diagnostic devices; Synthesis and application. Coordinator: Dr Priyanka SAHARIAH
  • WG 2 – Bioactive glycomaterials for personalized, regenerative and non-invasive therapies. Coordinator: Prof Basak KAYITMAZER
  • WG 3 – Antimicrobial and antiviral glycomaterials Coordinator: Prof Roland PIETERS

Grant Holder Scientific Representative: Dr Filipa MARCELO

Science Communication Manager: Dr Trinidad VELASCO-TORRIJOS

STSM Coordinator: Prof Cristina NATIVI

Management Committee

CA18132Functional Glyconanomaterials for the Development of Diagnostics and Targeted Therapeutic Probes